Boulder Birth Photographer | Baby Boy Harmon

Baby Boy Harmon
Born on March, 7. 2014
in Boulder, CO
at Boulder Community Hospital
Weighing 8lbs 2oz
Measuring 21″ long

Let me just start off by saying that if a Gold medal could be awarded for birth, Jenny would receive it hands down – no questions asked. My jaw just about hit the floor when the nurse checked her and told her she was at a TEN, when seconds before she was doing laps in the hallway, smiling and laughing with her husband.

Baby boy Harmon, or as his sweet little sister Isla calls him – Bear, is already so loved by his entire family. The wonder in Isla’s eyes when she saw her little brother for the first time will absolutely melt your heart and baby boy Harmon already has both his parents wrapped around his tiny little fingers.

Jenny, delivered her sweet boy in only a few pushes with absolutely no pain medication. It was absolutely incredible!

Fun facts-
Jenny’s dress was ‘placenta purple’ and the same dress she wore for the birth of Isla, her daughter.
Andy is, hands down, was the most supportive husband I’ve seen through Jenny’s labor/birth!
Isla, their 2 year old daughter, knows anatomy better than I do.
The tattoo on Jenny’s arm means “peace is in the journey”.

These pictures will probably reduce you to tears, so grab some kleenex before you continue…
Birth at Boulder Community Hospital Boulder Birth  labor pains Contractions in the halls of Boulder Community Hospital Supportive husband during labor BabyBoyHarmon_0005 BabyBoyHarmon_0006 Labor stretches before birth of Baby Harmon BabyBoyHarmon_0008 Boulder Community Hospital Labor and Delivery BabyBoyHarmon_0011 BabyBoyHarmon_0012 Peace is in the journey BabyBoyHarmon_0014 Squat bar during labor Time for Baby Harmon Over-due pregnant Mom BabyBoyHarmon_0018 Contractions Boulder Community Hospital Seeing Baby Harmon for the first time BabyBoyHarmon_0021 BabyBoyHarmon_0022 BabyBoyHarmon_0023 Ten little fingers ten little toys BabyBoyHarmon_0025 BabyBoyHarmon_0026 BabyBoyHarmon_0027 Baby Harmon meeting sister Isla BabyBoyHarmon_0029 I'm a big sister BabyBoyHarmon_0031 BabyBoyHarmon_0032 BabyBoyHarmon_0033 BabyBoyHarmon_0034 BabyBoyHarmon_0035 BabyBoyHarmon_0036 BabyBoyHarmon_0037 BabyBoyHarmon_0038 BabyBoyHarmon_0039 BabyBoyHarmon_0040 BabyBoyHarmon_0041 BabyBoyHarmon_0042 Family feet

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