Pinterest is so much simpler than you think…

I see you over there crying into your keyboard while you look at the laundry list of things you should be doing for your business, but not even knowing where to begin so you just start tabbing through Facebook instead. You’re overwhelmed by all the different ways you “should” be marketing yourself. Instagram stories, your email list, Facebook Ads, The Knot, SEO, the list goes on and on and on.







I’m here to talk about one thing and one thing only: Pinterest. I’m not going to say it’s the most important marketing tool, but for me, it’s certainly been the most profitable. I booked $200K worth of weddings in 2018 alllll because of Pinterest.


Yeah, you heard me.


Two hundred. THOUSAND. Dollars.


All because of that little red Pin It button.


I’ve got tips and tricks for dayz and I put them all in one spot for you. This guide.


Even with changes in the Pinterest algorithm and a global pandemic my annual income still went up by over 10% in 2020 with using SEO and Pinterest as my only marketing platform.


Over 40 million people "turn to Pinterest for guidance across the wedding planning journey" every year.

Per year, Pinners save nearly 900 million Pins about weddings

Pinners conduct 378 million wedding-related searches every year

81% of engaged Pinners start planning on Pinterest before they're even engaged.


*Extra note - this means you’ll establish brand awareness before your client even has a ring on their finger.

90% of people say Pinterest helps them decide what to purchase.

78% say it’s useful to see content from brands on Pinterest.

66% buy something after seeing a brand’s pins.

*All page statistics courtesy of a 2019 commissioned study by DeepFocus


This guide teaches you how to get leads from Pinterest. But Pinterest is actually where you’ll spend the least
amount of time. Pinterest is the final stepping stone in a much longer strategy. It can feel complicated, but
here is essentially how it breaks down:

01. You get a clear grasp on how to read your analytics.
02. You learn the key fundamentals of blogging for SEO.

03. You learn the ins and outs of all things Pinterest.
04. You learn how to set up your Pinterest account.

05. You un-learn the wrong advice you've come across.

06. You learn how to blog properly.
07. You learn that keywords aren't really all that tricky.

08. You learn to pin more than just recipes and tattoos.

09. You learn my entire workflow from a-z.

10. You learn all the best tools to make it happen.

Bonus: You get a checklist to keep yourself organized along the way!

Again, I know that feels overwhelming. But I’ve broken all that down (and a helluva lot more) in this guide.

Who SHAREE is...

Hi, I’m Sharee and I’m here to solve all your problems. I, too, cried into my keyboard. I, too, felt overwhelmed. I, too, drank a lot of wine one million nights in a row trying to do all the things. Then one night, I dove RULL deep in to Pinterest.


For real. I Googled my ass off, researched analytics, and experimented with all of the platforms (Instagram, Facebook ads, Pinterest, The Knot, even Thumbtack). And to my literal actual shock, Pinterest, the platform that took the least amount of effort and energy was showing me the best results. Like, it happened so quickly and went so well that I was just holding my breath waiting for it to be a fluke.


But here I am just 18 months later and that platform is still growing my business exponentially. That little experiment got me TRIPLE my annual revenue from 2017 compared to 2018. I started implementing all that research and booked over $100,000 in additional income from Pinterest the first 6 months I started doing it.


You read that right. Out of 64 weddings in 2018 I can directly correlate 80% of my leads to Pinterest.

It’s worth repeating again, but twice feels like enough.

All this extra money has helped me quit my corporate job, pay off my car, buy a new house, open a boudoir studio, and invest in my retirement and my son’s future. Surprise! If you haven’t caught wind of it already: I have a son who is my whole world. This Pinterest stuff has literally changed our lives. I’m a dramatic person (no shame), but this is just the straight truth.


Now, I know some of you might be rolling your eyes and feeling like I’m sounding like a fluffy motivational speaker here, but this is our story—a story that I actually used to be so embarrassed about sharing with people. But now, I’m just proud of it.

And now I’m crying. Pinterest changes lives people.





8 Years ago I was working 3 jobs

7 Years ago we were still getting our groceries at a food bank.

4 Years ago, I finally "paired it down" to one full time job and one full time business.

It wasn't until 1 year ago, in May of 2018, that I could not only leave my corporate job, but focus solely on my business and live my best life with my kiddo.

I could only do this because of Pinterest and the income it generated for me.

Ok, YEAH. BuT...


If you’re still reading but not 100% convinced about this platform yet, lemme tell you something.


There’s a shit ton of ways to market your business.


And it’s so hard to know where to focus your attention and where you’ll get the most bang for your buck.


I know this because I get it.


I don’t just get it because I’ve “been there.” I get it because I am there. I still actively operate my wedding and elopement photography business, my photo booth business, my boudoir studio, and my Pinterest mentoring business. I have a lot of skin in the game still. And I keep up with the game so that you can too. And also because the human beings I work with just fill my soul way too much for me to ever step away.


I have lost count of the number of times people ask me questions like “Do you sleep?”, “How do you do it?”, “Do you shower?”. The answers are simple: a streamlined workflow and dry shampoo.


Pinterest has allowed me to stop wasting time on other platforms. I have one streamlined process for one social media platform. Every time I post on Instagram, Facebook, or anything else besides Pinterest, I consider it a bonus. Pinterest is where my money comes from.

“But Sharee, I don’t have a thousand dollars to spend on silly Pinterest.”

Great! You don’t have to. This costs $199. Honestly, even if you try like 2% of what’s in it, I bet you’ll get booked. Ok, maybe more like 20%. But still. This is so worth it that it’s not even funny. J/k everything is funny.

The Biggest

bonus of all!

Even though this guide will really hold your hand through the process, I’ll give you even more support. When you buy this guide, you’ll be added to my private Facebook group where you have access to Yours Truly. This community is full of Pinterest badasses and we’re ready to answer any and all questions.



Reading + Understanding your analytics on and off of Pinterest
The fundamentals of SEO and how you can easily apply them to your website

The Pinterest 101...that 411...level 911

Busting the myths that don't actually get you leads from Pinterest

How to research and rank for keywords

My blogging to Pinterest workflow

All the tools to make your life easier

A checklist to keep you in line along the way

It would be a mistake to overlook Pinterest as a marketing strategy, or not learn how to use it the right way. When used properly, Pinterest can provide significant referral traffic and provide an SEO rate to your website with no overhead whatsoever.

I wasn't being dramatic enough

It's already working for other people.

"Let me preface this by saying that I am not a data person at all. All of that number stuff makes my head hurt. Sharee’s Pinterest guide is not scary and really easy to understand. Each section is broken down step by step with simple instructions! Sharee also has an amazing way of connecting with readers that it really seems less of an instructional book and more like a friend just giving you advice. This is a great investment! Thanks Sharee!"

- Maria Brock

How long this takes to


From start to finish, this takes...some time. Mostly because I’m going to teach you how to rename all of your older content to get you booked today. That’s right. Your weddings from three years ago are still important. Even if you used selective coloring (THE HORRORS!). If you dedicate a couple hours to it as soon as you buy the e-book, it can be effective almost immediately.


There is a checklist of things to do and an order of operations. I outline it all!

Let’s get a few things straight…

there is a lot of bad Pinterest advice out there.


While vertical pins do take up more space on the Pinterest results page, it is not mandatory to only pin vertical content.


Alt text isn't just an accessibility feature. Your potential client isn't going to find your image searching things like "parent kissing child on the cheek" they're Googling "photographers in Seattle".

THE 80 / 20 RULE

You’ve heard of the 80/20 rule about Pinterest? The one where you’re supposed to pin 80% of your own content and 20% of other people’s. Yeah, it’s wrong. But don’t worry, this e-book will tell you exactly what to do instead. Hint: it will take way less of your time and get you way more leads.




It's only $199

Do you prefer a little more hands on attention?

Check out my mentoring opportunities here.