If my job was as simple as showing up on your wedding day and pushing a button, it would be:


But it's not. I'm not offering just photos, I'm offering an experience. I want you to feel loved and cared for from the moment you send me the first email until you get that gallery in your inbox.


You're Into Me ... You've seen the photos. You've read about my quirks. You' re picking up what I'm putting down. And you take the time to write out your answers to the 100 questions on my contact page (okay, so not actually 100 but still a lot).


Let's Meet, Our first meeting is a FaceTime call, because leaving the house means we all have to put pants on - and who wants to do that? If we connect, we'll know. We'll know by how hard you're laughing. And once you decide to hire me you'll sign on the dotted line and send me a retainer to reserve your date on my calendar.


Spreadsheets! Timelines! LISTS! ... This is one of my favorite parts. We will work together on the photo timeline of your big day. We will plan everything with a buffer so we all feel good about it. A note: this is just for photos. If you want a day-of coordinator (and I highly recommend one), I can absolutely send you a list of my favorites!


Just Because ... I am always an email away. I'm not here just for photos. I'm here to help your whole wedding experience be as easy and stress-free as possible. Ask me if the chicken is any good at a venue I've photographed before. Ask me if it's rude to not invite your fourth grade teacher (it's not, BTW). Ask me if your bridesmaids dresses are tacky or adorable. I will respond honestly, I promise.


Best Friend For A Day ... Whether you knew you wanted it or not, we're gonna be besties on your big day. There will be inside jokes, hugs, genuine connection and I will be personally invested in your story. I will cry. Literally on and off all day. Like, maybe put "Kleenex for Sharee" on your list of things to bring. I apologize in advance for crying more than your grandma. I just care is all. I will integrate myself so seamlessly into your tribe that you'll forget I'm not one of you. I'm basically your wedding ninja, capturing moments you won't even realize are happening. I'm already getting emotional.


OMG The Final Product! ... You'll get a sneak peek of your day on social media within 72 hours of your "I Do." And then you'll get the whole damn enchilada (aka your gallery) within 6-8 weeks. Fast, right? You deserve it.


Dance Party! ... Proof that I'm not all talk and my past clients love me just a little. Ok, a lot


Fill out my contact form. When you’re ready to book, 50% of the collection price is due to retain your date. The remaining 50% is due 30 days prior to your wedding. I do offer payment plans if this needs to be split up a bit more, but the minimum amount to hold your date is $1000.

I wouldn’t even dream of shooting someone’s wedding without backups of everything. My primary camera bodies both have dual slots so your wedding photos are immediately backed up twice. I have two backup camera bodies just in case I drop one down a mountain or walk backwards into a river. I even have backup lenses and flashes. You never know when a guest is going to accidentally kick a $600 flash off the top of your camera while you’re trying to take some creative shots on the dance floor (true story).
Speaking of that time someone dance-kicked your flash across the room – do you have insurance?
Sure do! I have full business liability insurance and am happy to share this certificate with your wedding venue upon request. All of my second shooters, associate photographers and photo booth attendants carry liability insurance as well.

This all depends on the hours of coverage, the schedule of events, whether you have a second photographer and how great your guests are at hitting the dance floor. Typically, you’ll receive 50-100 images per hour from your wedding day. Your contract states the full image gallery will be ready in 4-6 weeks, and it can truly take that long if I’m in the middle of a busy wedding season, but I strive to get your images to you as quickly as possible. On average, that takes about 3 weeks. I know, waiting is hard, but I’ll be sure to put some sneak previews for you on my Instagram and Facebook while you wait.

All of my collections are customizable. If your collection includes an engagement session you can add/remove it as well as hours of coverage, the second photographer or the photo booth for either a reduced rate or an album credit. You can see the full break-down of my pricing here.

Since it’s 2020, just about everyone has a smartphone or tablet with a built-in camera (except for maybe your old Uncle that insists his flip phone gets the job done). I will go over this more in-depth in your contract, but other people are allowed to take pictures at your wedding. I do recommend that you at least have an unplugged ceremony, though. Looking out into a sea of iPads and iPhones isn’t nearly as touching as seeing the actual faces of your guests during the ceremony. Also, I really don’t want to throw elbows when someone steps in front of me as I capture your partner’s face when you come down the aisle.

Immediately after I get home from your wedding, and before I have a date with a bottle of wine and a bubble bath, I backup the images to two different external hard drives. One of those hard drives goes directly into a safe and the other lives on my desk. I also have a specific portable hard drive that I use for travel weddings and the images get backed up on to my laptop hard drive as well as a portable hard drive, then backed up again to my primary hard drives when I return home. I do not erase/format any of my or my second photographer’s camera cards until your wedding images are edited and delivered. I do not delete edited + delivered images from any events and I keep a backup of RAW images for at least 2 years.

Since the USB is the new CD and the CD is the new floppy disk, I like to keep all things digital. You’ll receive a personalized link to an online gallery that contains all of your edited, high-resolution images. You’re welcome to share this link with family, friends, neighbors, strangers at the grocery store and more.
If you live in the boonies and don’t have great internet to download your images, or have a family member that prefers a more tangible copy of the images, I do offer USBs for an additional cost.

Pinterest is an awesome tool for getting inspired and planning your wedding and I love seeing what inspires you. Heck, I use it for home decor all the time. However, I won’t use your Pinterest board as a shot list (or any other shot list for that matter). I want to be fully present so I can capture genuine moments as they unfold, not try to recreate someone else’s moment for you. I’ll do my best to keep your preferences in mind, but I want you to feel confident and trust that you’ll love your own wedding photos even more than those ones that you saw on Pinterest.

Haha! I’m just #blessed with stylish af couples. All of the couples you see on my website are regular, paying clients. Every now and again I’ll feature a styled shoot on my blog – but that is always indicated in the blog post and those are usually real couples, too!

Absolutely, you sure do! The contract that you sign includes print release for all engagement sessions, boudoir sessions, weddings and elopements. These are your photos and your memories, I’ll never hold them hostage from you. On that note – even though you do have the ability to print on your own, I highly recommend printing through your gallery so they’re printed by a high quality printer vs Walmart. You don’t want to spend money on photos just to have them printed with a low quality printer. That’s like going to a five-star restaurant and putting ketchup all over the steak. (Ok, I’ll totally admit that’s something my son Brayden would do…and probably me too)
You are not obligated to print through me, but I highly recommend ordering an album through me for you and your partner to share, or as gifts for your parents. Because I’m a professional, I have access to the highest quality printers and albums. To see more about the [seriously gorgeous] albums I offer check out this page right here!

It’s 2020 – I hate that you even have to ask this question. Yes! 1000% yes! I would love to photograph your wedding – love is love no matter a person’s gender or sexuality. You can click right here to view one of my most recent same sex Colorado weddings at Black Canyon Inn, Rocky Mountain National Park and Twin Owls Steak House in Estes Park Colorado!

You can mail glitter bombs directly to my address at … just kidding! I am based in Colorado, but if you put me on an airplane or give me an opportunity to binge my favorite podcasts on a road trip to your out of state wedding I’m not going to say no! I have had the opportunity to photograph weddings in Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, South Carolina, Ohio and Minnesota. I haven’t photographed internationally (yet) but my passport is burning a hole in my camera bag so don’t be afraid to reach out!

I don’t like to compare myself to other photographers because it’s about so much more than just the portfolio. It’s about shooting style, moments captured, and the personality that comes with it. What makes me different isn’t just the images I will get, but the way I get them. I’ll prompt you to interact with each other in ways that make you smile, laugh, tear up, reminisce and more. I want you to look at your couples portraits and remember that time you were giggling because your partner whispered something in your ear, not look back at them and think “wow, this is when our photographer turned our chins toward each other and forced us to laugh real hard.” Don’t worry you guys, I’m not JCPenny or Lifetouch.



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