Lyons Farmette Wedding | Bethany & Marcos

Weddings are all about celebration. They are about having your closest family and friends surround you to be a part of such an incredibly important moment and to share joy, love and laughter. Bethany and Marcos’ wedding could not be a better example of just that. As I was going through their wedding images there were so many different emotions at every single part of their wedding day from everyone involved. Joy, happiness, love, excitement both radiated from the Mr. and Mrs-to-be, but also from their friends and family. Clearly these two are very in love and very well loved by everyone that surrounds them and words fail in comparison to just how beautiful their wedding really was.

Bethany looked absolutely incredible in her intricate, detailed lace wedding dress and veil and I’m not sure what stood out more about Marcos; his reaction and tears to seeing, Bethany, his gorgeous bride for the first time during their first look, or the way he couldn’t take his eyes off of her for the rest of the night.

The wedding was held at The Lyons Farmette in Lyons, CO. One of the few wedding venue’s in that area that survived the flooding we had in September of 2013. Bethany and Marco’s dressed it up with beautiful lights and babies breath filled mason jars hanging from a tipped tree behind their ceremony site, lights strung across the reception area, bridge and dance floor as well as adorable daisy jar centerpieces and many other handmade and heartfelt wedding details!

Massive, massive THANK YOU to Bethany & Marcos for having me along, for being amazing people and for having such an awesome wedding and adorable love story for me to photograph!

Super big kudos go to my lovely second shooter Kristin Allen Griffith
and to Brittany Slaughter for the excellent hair and makeup!

Ready to cry? Here we go……….!
GarciaWedding_0001GarciaWedding_0002GarciaWedding_0003GarciaWedding_0004GarciaWedding_0005GarciaWedding_0006GarciaWedding_0007GarciaWedding_0008GarciaWedding_0009GarciaWedding_0010GarciaWedding_0011GarciaWedding_0012GarciaWedding_0013GarciaWedding_0014GarciaWedding_0015GarciaWedding_0016GarciaWedding_0017GarciaWedding_0018GarciaWedding_0019GarciaWedding_0020GarciaWedding_0021GarciaWedding_0022GarciaWedding_0023GarciaWedding_0024GarciaWedding_0025GarciaWedding_0026GarciaWedding_0027GarciaWedding_0028GarciaWedding_0029GarciaWedding_0030GarciaWedding_0031GarciaWedding_0032GarciaWedding_0033GarciaWedding_0034GarciaWedding_0035GarciaWedding_0036GarciaWedding_0037GarciaWedding_0038GarciaWedding_0039GarciaWedding_0040GarciaWedding_0041GarciaWedding_0042GarciaWedding_0043GarciaWedding_0044GarciaWedding_0045GarciaWedding_0046GarciaWedding_0047GarciaWedding_0048GarciaWedding_0049GarciaWedding_0050GarciaWedding_0051GarciaWedding_0052GarciaWedding_0053GarciaWedding_0054GarciaWedding_0055GarciaWedding_0056GarciaWedding_0057GarciaWedding_0058GarciaWedding_0059GarciaWedding_0060GarciaWedding_0061GarciaWedding_0062GarciaWedding_0063GarciaWedding_0064GarciaWedding_0065GarciaWedding_0066GarciaWedding_0067GarciaWedding_0068GarciaWedding_0069GarciaWedding_0070GarciaWedding_0071GarciaWedding_0072GarciaWedding_0073GarciaWedding_0074GarciaWedding_0075GarciaWedding_0076GarciaWedding_0077GarciaWedding_0078GarciaWedding_0079GarciaWedding_0080GarciaWedding_0081GarciaWedding_0082GarciaWedding_0083GarciaWedding_0084GarciaWedding_0085In Loving Memory of those who could
not be with us to share our special day
For those we have loved and lost along the way,
A flame to remember them burns here today.
For the laughter, smiles and memories remain,
Together today their presence sustains.
Never forgotten and loved forever more,
Today their blessings flicker and soar.


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