Absolutely, you sure do! The contract that you sign includes print release for all engagement sessions, boudoir sessions, weddings and elopements. These are your photos and your memories, I’ll never hold them hostage from you. On that note – even though you do have the ability to print on your own, I highly recommend printing through your gallery so they’re printed by a high quality printer vs Walmart. You don’t want to spend money on photos just to have them printed with a low quality printer. That’s like going to a five-star restaurant and putting ketchup all over the steak. (Ok, I’ll totally admit that’s something my son Brayden would do…and probably me too)
You are not obligated to print through me, but I highly recommend ordering an album through me for you and your partner to share, or as gifts for your parents. Because I’m a professional, I have access to the highest quality printers and albums. To see more about the [seriously gorgeous] albums I offer check out this page right here!
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