Lionsgate Event Center Wedding | Abi + Eli

I feel over the moon and stars lucky that Abi + Eli allowed me to document even just a portion of their Lionsgate Event Center Wedding Photos. It didn’t start there, though. Their wedding was filled with epic locations, emotional moments and incredible details.

When Abi told me that she wanted to do her first look at Lost Gulch Overlook in Boulder my goosebumps got goosebumps. I have photographed lots of engagement sessions at this epic location, but never a first look, so to say I was excited is an under statement. Their first look was scheduled for mid afternoon so we all crossed our fingers and sent up alllll of the prayers that we would get an overcast day – and it worked – because the clouds rolled in and we had a perfectly warm, but overcast and beautiful July afternoon. Their first look was so so sweet. You could tell Eli was a bit nervous before Abi tapped him on the shoulder, but once he had her in his arms the two of them were nothing but smiles and pure joy.

Prior to booking Lionsgate Event Center as their wedding venue the couple had booked Sunrise Amphitheater, which luckily is just right up the road from Lost Gulch and was the perfect backdrop for all of the family + bridal party photos. There were dragonflies galore, which was super cool. Did you all know that dragonflies actually symbolize change and self improvement? So how cool is it that they were literally everywhere on Abi + Eli’s big day.

After the bridal party + family photos the whole gang jumped on their party bus and we headed down to the venue so I could capture their Lionsgate Event Center wedding photos. Abi, the bride, got ready in Lionsgate’s new addition to their property, The Chandelier Barn, and frickity frack you guys this. place. is. stunning. Rumor has it the owner designed the entire interior of the barn and the bridal suite on her own, which is simply incredible. We took advantage of the space for both getting ready and documenting some extra bridal party + couples photos because you can’t pass that up in such a stunning location.

Abi + Eli said their forever afters in the lawn of the Lionsgate Gatehouse and planted a tree together that will be one of the first pieces of decor to furnish their brand new apartment that they are moving into together after celebrating this special day. Things ran a bit early throughout the day and I’m so lucky they did, because it gave me a chance to sneak in to the reception area following the ceremony and document all of the incredible tablescapes, centerpieces, signage and decor they had set up for their reception. Abi hand-pained and hand-wrote every single bible verse that decorated all of their reception tables along with their entrance sign, unplugged ceremony sign and other hand-written ceremony signs. I am blown away by the amount of talent and hard work went in to planning this beautiful wedding.

I headed out for the evening and Abi + Eli continued celebrating with guests late in to the night. Cheers to wishing this beautiful couple all of the love and a lifetime of happiness, because I’ve never met two people more deserving.

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First look: Lost Gulch Overlook | Boulder, CO
Bridal Party Photos: Sunrise Amphitheater
Getting Ready: The Chandelier Barn | Lionsgate Event Center
Ceremony + Reception: The Dove House | Lionsgate Event Center
Caterer: Issai’s Catering
Bakery: Destiny’s Cakes
DJ: Dak Entertainment (DJ Dave) 
Florist: Thorn Creek Flowers 
Officiant: Tyson Schrecengost
Videographer: Lavendar Haze (click here to see their highlight reel)

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