Mishawaka Amphitheater Wedding – Adult Summer Camp Meets Riverside Music Festival | Kris + Tim

Kris and Tim’s Mishawaka Amphitheater wedding day can best be described as the perfect mash up of adult summer camp meets riverside music festival. This is the exact vibe they were going for when planning it all and it was absolutely that and more (including looking REAL GOOD while it all went down, of course!).

Mishawaka Amphitheater Wedding Venue

The Mishawaka Amphitheater wedding venue, commonly referred to as “The Mish”, is nestled along a riverside in the absolutely stunning Poudre Canyon. Fun fact: The Mishawaka Amphitheater first opened over a century ago, in 1916, as a live music hall. Whether you’re a music lover or simply seeking a memorable outdoor venue, having a Mishawaka Amphitheater wedding day is a top tier choice.

Kris & Tim’s Wedding Photos at The Mishawaka Amphitheater

Their wedding day at The Mishawaka Amphitheater was filled with SO many special touches: like the custom activity placemats made by the groom (so everyone feels like they’re sitting at the kids table), grand entrance serenaded by their guests forming a kazoo orchestra, food truck pizza party, a Russian drinking game, cocktails inspired by their pups Shapka and Conundrum and an incredible live band.

One of my favorite special touches (well besides every single thing about these two, of course)? Kris and Tim simultaneously walked into their ceremony from opposite directions with their parents and met in the middle, at the back of their wedding aisle, before walking to their riverside altar hand in hand.

So much goodness, togetherness, playfulness, contagious laughter, joy and everyday magic wrapped up into one beautiful day!

During their wedding ceremony, Kris and Tim took “tying the knot,” to a whole new level. They each tied a knot as a symbol of their strong commitment to each other, and then they attempted to untie each other’s knots. This represents the idea that they will work together to untangle any difficulties that arise as they navigate life together.

Each place setting at their reception had a kazoo and a hand-made coloring placemat (so everyone could feel the benefits of sitting at a kid’s table!). All of the guests played their kazoos to the tune of the wedding march for Kris and Tim’s entrance into the reception!

There is a Russian wedding tradition called “na zdorovie,” which involves drinking shots of vodka. During the “na zdorovie” tradition, the couple and their guests raise their glasses of vodka and say “na zdorovie,” which means “to your health” in Russian. Then, everyone takes a shot of vodka together.

Kris and Tim put their own spin on this tradition and distributed shot glasses to guests, wedding attendants and their parents. Some of the shot glasses had vodka, others had water. After each person took a shot and tried to conceal (or fake) their expression afterward. Then, they tried to guess whether or not the person had vodka in their glass. It was such a hilarious and fun thing to incorporate into their wedding reception!

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Vendor Dream Team

Venue: The Mishawaka Amphitheater | @mishawakaamphitheatre
Planner: Mountainside Events@mountainsideevents
Photographer: that’s me! | @shareedavenport
Florals: Palmer / Bliss | @palmerflowerweddings
Catering: Pizza food truck – Mountain Crust@mountain_crust
Dessert: Mary’s Mountain Cookies | @marysmountaincookies
Live Band: House With a Yard | @housewithayard
Officiant: Married by Maree@marriedbymaree
Glam squad: Candelaria Beauty Co. | @candelariabeautyco
Dress: Cortana and Wild Bride | @cortanabrides@wild_bride
Menswear: Banana Republic, Ratio Clothing, Celtic Tweed
Earrings: Alchemilla Jewelry | @alchemillajewelry
Rentals: Front Range Event Rental and Borrowing Bride | @frontrangeeventrental @theborrowingbride
Rings: Young in the Mountains (bride’s), Manly Bands (groom’s)

A few lil’ behind the scenes of the vendor dream team

Already in love with Kris & Tim and want to see more of their time in front of my camera?

The answer is yes. And this time they brought their dogs too :’)

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